hanseboot in Hamburg: the perfect backdrop for your business

Hamburg is northern Germany's leading city, and with its maritime flair and cosmopolitan character, it is also the perfect home port for hanseboot. Some 60,000 boating enthusiasts take part in the activities offered by the metropolitan region's numerous water sports clubs, with 165 pleasure boat marinas providing the ideal setting for all boat fans.

For almost 60 years, hanseboot has been the most important annual event for more than 70,000 water sports enthusiasts from northern Germany and northern Europe – and is a trade fair that brings exhibitors into contact with an enormous number of potential customers.

hanseboot at a glance

hanseboot - Central Entrance

After-Work concept with extended opening hours.

It is often quite difficult for those who go to work to visit hanseboot during the week. We have changed our opening hours (Mo-Fr: 12:00–20:00; Sa & Su 10:00–18:00), and together with you we have improved an After-Work programme, which gives even more customers the chance to head for hanseboot.

More about After-Work concept

Benefit for you: so many potential customers

  • Visitors with above-average earnings
    With a net household income of € 5,088 a month, visitors to hanseboot earn more than the national average, which is great news for your business.

  • Large share of trade visitors and boat owners
    Over half (57 %) of all visitors are boat owners. They come to hanseboot on the lookout for new innovations and trends in the industry, and are keen to try out new products for themselves. One in seven visitors actually works in the trade and is there on business.

  • Active water sports enthusiasts
    91% of visitors to hanseboot take part in water sports, especially sailing and motor boating. But trend sports are on the rise too.

  • Visitor demographics enriched by the art-loving audience of art maritim
    This maritime art forum has been an excellent addition to hanseboot for more than 30 years. With artistic paintings, collages, calendars and much, much more, it helps pull in even more visitors – visitors who constitute an attractive target group by virtue of their love of the sea.
hanseboot hall view

Benefit from bonus

The more boats there are to discover, the more attractive hanseboot is to your visitors. And we want you to benefit, too: as part of our bonus programme, we award points for all vessels exhibited, with the number of points based on length overall (LOA) – and extra points are available for vessels being premiered. The more boats you present, the greater your discount is on the price per square metre. In other words, you save cash whilst making the trade fair even more attractive for your visitors and potential customers.

hanseboot Hallenansicht

Benefit for you: all the services you need for success

Effective advertising
We support you in advance with online and offline advertising and advise you on the various options available in the catalogue, in the mobile app, on our homepage  and on the trade fair grounds.

Advertising options

Extended company presentation
Present your company beyond the confines of your stand – our extensive accompanying programme with opportunities such as our BOATFIT arena (refit topics) and forum 'Life on Board' offers the ideal way to introduce your products to a wider audience.

Meet the experts  Forum "Living aboard"

Online Boat Show
To give your visitors a sneak peek of what to expect at the trade fair, encourage them to spread the word and help them plan their visit, we offer you the opportunity to have your boats presented in advance – in our Online Boat Show. This database provides a wide-ranging overview of all boats exhibited at hanseboot, divided by category. Each vessel is presented with photos, videos, technical specifications, a short description and details of the stand location. The platform will even continue to be available for six months, after the fair has closed. So seize this opportunity now and make the most of our online boat show.

Online Boat Show

hanseboot "meet the experts"

Benefit for you: our added-value trade fair concept

The jetty package
You present you boat at the fair and we build a jetty so that visitors can get on board quickly and easily. The 'jetty berth' package also includes a stern-end stand area with carpet, lighting, electricity supply and signage.

Fixes-price logistics
It takes a lot of work to crane, set up and remove your boat. We'll do it for you with costs and time frames you can precisely plan for.

Outstanding sales opportunities in accessories, trend sports and canoes
The majority of visitors to hanseboot are active water sports enthusiasts, whether sailors, kitesurfers or stand-up paddlers. And as they often need to update and replace accessories and equipment, there is every chance you will be able to sell strongly.

hanseboot - accessories

Looking good for both visitors and exhibitors

  • Optimum location: with maritime flair and cosmopolitan character, Hamburg is the ideal home port for hanseboot.
  • The latest trends: whether day sailing, canoeing, 15 hp boats or chartering, visitors will discover the very latest industry developments.
  • An experience for novices and pros alike: there will be plenty of opportunity for visitors to test products and get involved.
  • Something for everyone: from inflatable dinghies to large yachts, hanseboot reflects the full spectrum of the modern boating industry.
  • Unique range: boat and yacht owners will find northern Europe's largest marketplace for equipment and accessories.
  • Regional strength: hanseboot exhibits boats and yachts suitable for northern European waters.
hanseboot - Hamburg