The hanseboot Bonus Point Calculator

We will offer bonus points to water sport vehicles based on their overall length. Exhibitors exhibiting additional boats will receive discounts based on square meter price.

Price calculation on the "More Boat Program" is easy. Just use our online calculator by entering your planned stand size and number of boats. We will gladly assist you with any questions you might have.

LocationLengthPremiereMultihullBonus points

Bonus points
Participation feesRegular / Discount
Participation fees Early BirdRegular / Discount

hanseboot Participation Fees

Price (participation fee) as of 1 April 2017

Stand space Participation Fee
up to 25 sq.m. € 119.- net / sq.m.
26 - 75 sq.m. € 114.- net / sq.m.
76 - 200 sq.m. € 109.- net / sq.m.
201 - 400 sq.m. € 105.- net / sq.m.
more than 401 sq.m. € 93.- net / sq.m.
Open-air side € 67.- net / sq.m.
Complete offer* € 220.- net / sq.m.

Basic Conditions of Incentive Point Program:

  • Each registered boat receives bonus points which will discount the regular stand fees. The bonus points are awarded for the boat length. (Mooring packages are excluded);
  • Incentive points for premiers are awarded per boat on the fairground and the harbor;
  • Exhibitors can only receive points for yachts in harbor if they also exhibit a the regular fairground;
  • One point is equivalent to 1% discount based on the regular m²-price. (based on the current price list);
  • The maximum discount granted cannot exceed 50% of the current list price;
  • Points cannot be awarded to group exhibitors who receive discounted, special rates (Conceptual Sponsors, Class Reunion, art maritim)

The Calculations are without obligation.