Boat building center in Hall B2.EG


Where wood is planed, shavings fall...

In the boat building centre in Hall B2.EG, visitors had the chance to experience boat building live and even try their hand.

State vocational school for boat builders and sailmakers

The vocational school in Lübeck provided information in Hall B2 ground floor on all aspects of the vocational training for boat builders and sail makers. Teachers and students were available for discussions.
Boatbuilding apprentices specialising in construction, outfitting and conversion demonstrated practical skills such as the laying of deckboard on a deck model, the planing of oars for a youth cruising cutter, the processing of planks and ship hulls, and the transfer of frames for construction work. Boatbuilding trainees specialising in technology demonstrated maintenance works on a marine diesel engine. Aspiring sailmakers presented work on professional special-purpose sewing machines, manufactured small textile products and demonstrated knots and splicing. Visitors also had the opportunity to try their hands at several of these activities.

Special show of the DBSV

The Deutsche Boots- und Schiffbauerverband (German Boat and Ship Building Association), conceptual sponsor of the hanseboot, presented an outstanding example of the boatbuilding craft.