Start Sailing

Under the label “The North sails here – welcome to the club”, numerous sailing clubs from northern Germany present themselves in 2016.

Dinghy beginners’ arena

That sailing is not just fun, but also easy to learn and easy on the pocket is something you can see for yourself in the dinghy beginners’ arena on the upper floor of Hall B3.
Experienced yachtsmen demonstrate, among other things, how to “hang in the harness” on a racing dinghy (on land, in the hall). In addition, you can test your skills in a sailing simulator. That doesn’t mean a virtual computer game, but a completely rigged (i.e. ready to sale) dinghy. Special feature: this boat is on the upper floor of Hall B3 on dry land, is mounted on a swivelling and tilting frame, and a wind machine provides the breeze. In this way, all the sailing manoeuvres such as steering, tacking, gybing or so-termed “shooting head to wind” can be practiced on dry land before going to water later.