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Hall B1.EG

Works by photographers, painters, visual artists and gallery owners were on show and on sale. These creative artists have quite different approaches to water scenes and sailing. Visitors interested in art could immerse themselves in this fascinating world at hanseboot, with a range of paintings, collages, calendars, sculptures and much more, depicting a world of exciting regattas, infinite expanses of ocean, and stunning seascapes.

This exhibition of artists and galleries invited you to take your time and explore these inspirational works. After the shining chrome, brass and high-tech materials of the boat and outfitting halls, the marine artworks conveyed a sense of calm and stimulate the imagination.

Catalogue and artist information of art maritim 2017

hanseboot-artists 2017 overview

Marinemaler Henry Albrecht

Seebäderdampfer COBRA



Christine Aulbach




Heinke Böhnert

110/110 Sails and Colors



Heidegrit Gröning




HARMSTORF – Galerie für Maritime Malerei

Johanness Holst – 4-Mast Bark "PASSAT"



Arne Hennig

Hafen, spätes Licht 

Thomas Kubitz Fine Art

Moin moin! 2017 ... echt nordisch! – Kalender



Sabine Lühr

Sailing-Race II



Uwe Lütgen

Hoch am Wind



Margrit Möhlen

06.45 am



Anka Niemoeller

Nacht über dem Meer

Olaf Rahardt

Jahreskalender 2018




Listen to the Sea



Sina Vodjani – Digital Art & Photography




Atelier Sköld

Segelyacht auf hoher See



Elke Timmermann

Hafenszene bei Cuxport



Andrea Warpakowski

Oracle II



Susanne Westphal

Anitra rot