The 'Start Boating' campaign and hanseboot are really promoting the sport of boating.

Whether on river, lake or directly on the sea, whether for leisure or for the ultimate action kick - the  fascination of the sport of boating has attracted many fans in Germany. An estimate by sector-related associations indicate that more than two million German citizens regularly go sailing or take out their motor boats. However, for the vast majority of Germans, this has until now simply remained a dream.

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Out onto the water: 'Start Boating!'

The 'Start Boating' campaign, run right across Germany, now seeks to change all of that, and to bring unique moments on board boats and yachts closer to everyone who is interested. Leading associations, trade fairs and companies in the sector have joined forces for this campaign and wish to prove that you can engage in this fascinating sport, even without a great deal of time and trouble, and without incurring significant cost.

Broad horizons instead of living rooms - turning the entire nation into fans of the sport of boating

With eight regional boating events being held right across Germany, the 'Start Boating' campaign provides plenty of opportunities for visitors to get enthused by magical moments on the water, and to learn to love the sport of boating – perhaps further down the road to purchase their own boat, or to rent one on a regular basis. The sport of boating is neither elitist nor complicated, and it is a great deal of fun - that is the central message of this event.

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8th In-Water Boat Show

Neustadt in Holstein, 26 – 27 May 2018

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Sleek sports boards, streamlined motor yachts, elegant yachts

On the campaign website people interested in boards can obtain detailed information about this initiative or can enroll directly for a test run. The range extends from sleek sports boards to streamlined motor yachts to elegant yachts.

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